4-step programme to release neck tension

If you tend to experience tension in the upper part of your back regularly, in between your shoulder blades, this programme is for you!

Quite naturally, as your chest develop -and later on, as you breastfeed and carry your baby, the muscles in your chest may get a lot tighter. This process triggers a series of muscular and articular compensations

The compensations occurring in your body result in your shoulders rolling forward, and your rhomboids and upper trapezius being overused. This is a vicious circle: by being overused, these muscles do not just create pain, they make you stronger in the wrong posture.

By following the 4-step programme above, not only can you release some tensions, you can prevent their recurrence.

Capture d’écran 2016-12-11 à 08.10.25.png


Video 1 – Repeat each variation shown on the video 8-10 times, slowly.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Video 2 – Step 3 & 4 – Chest opening exercises / Tie a stretchband to a steady horizontal bar if you can’t make it to class!

For more information on appropriate classes and movements, drop me a message (Instagram). My foam roller is waiting for you!

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