Second activity in my Saf(e)funky preggo-suited series: Aquabiking!

THE STORY A couple of weeks ago I asked Stefani, beautiful Define instructor and ‘ball of energy’ as our mutual clients name her, if I could join one of her Rev classes. I was at the peak of my second trimester, feeling energized, and missing my cardio workouts since I lost access to the beloved Sulafa gym. With the cutest pout on her face she replied ‘You’ll be fine. You’re fit and you’ve done it before. But I’d rather you get fat and enjoy it!’ I realized that an intense cardio session with her might be a bit selfish at this point and decided to try out a softer kind of spinning.

THE PLACE L’Atelier – Al Wasl Road, Villa 677A



  • Water absorbs shocks in a way that lowers the risks of injury despite the changes occurring in your body. The relaxin hormone puts you at risk of overstretching your ligaments, and your weight gain has a serious impact on your joints for instance.
  • Aquabiking dramatically improves skin texture. Since water retention is common throughout pregnancy, this activity may be a great complement to your massage oil.
  • The extra resistance helps build strong quadriceps. Stronger legs are not just sexier, they help stabilize our knee joints through hormonal changes.



  • The villa and its amenities (hairdryers, taupe grey floors and beautiful showers), arranged with taste
  • The softer and refined skin texture after the session. Amazing when you are prone to cellulitis and water retention!
  • The sensation of lightness in the legs whilst cycling.
  • The great shoulder work, particularly movements that allowed me to work my middle back muscles using water resistance.
  • The work of stabilizing abdominal muscles. Because I chose a soft aquabiking class, our routine did not include any crunches. Perfect for us preggers!
  • The healthy bites and Kusmi Tea at the bar: the chocolate-coconut balls are delightful, and I have missed having Kusmi Tea since we moved from Paris.
  • It made me want to swim! I never want to swim, but swimming is good!


  • I didn’t get much of a cardio feel. But again, I tried a Soft Aquabiking class.
  • Bikes tend to get stuck when standing on the pedal.

Next on my list: I hope to find a fun aqua aerobics class soon!

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