Three years ago my good friends Sarah and Greg rented a gorgeous house in a remote village of Ibiza, and invited me to tag along. I was the group’s driver, literally, for many reasons. Yet despite a dry week, I had a fabulous time.

To celebrate my 30th birthday and my baby sister’s 20th I decided to plan a weekend with her. I intended to start partying at 6pm in a cool and groovy beach club like I had three years earlier, dance to good music all night, and fall asleep at 8am on yet another beach.

I booked the flights, the parties, the room. Only to find out the next day that I was expecting baby Noisette.

capture-decran-2016-09-27-a-16-26-10So we went. We had to leave a few parties a bit early to my taste and to hers because I felt exhausted in my first trimester, and was worried it may be too much for the baby to handle in those early stages. Some judgemental frowns and « oh you are still going » were still on my mind.

But following our long weekend’s adventures I can say that Ibiza remains a beautiful and exciting destination when you are expecting, as long as you accept that all-nighters will be for another year. Besides I am now also 100% positive that my baby will like a good party 🙂

Here are 5 stunning places that happen to be pregnancy-friendly yet delightful to any visitor. 

1/ Cala Comte 

Cala Comte’s little kitchen and hippie shops get busy over the summer as attested by this post’s main picture. Your bump will however guarantee your getting a seat, and enjoying the sumptuous view on the far-western corners of the island. Though Cala Comte is famous for its sunsets my favorite time to have a salad/drink there is what I call « Spanish noon », that is 2-3pm, when the lights and coast give rise to a thousand shades of blue.

2/ Brigante

img_7108Two steps away from Ushuaia Beach Club and Space -this is how, starving after 5 hours of Hardwell & co. dancing we found out about its existence, the Brigante restaurant features yummy fresh products. A definite plus on Playa d’en Bossa. The Mozzarella di Buffala salad with extra ripe tomatoes and crispy sea salt sprinkled on top, and the strawberry smoothie became our survival meal for two days. You will find  bar stools and couches facing the beach, depending on the state you are in when you get there. In my opinion, the place has the friendliest staff you can possibly find on Playa d’en Bossa.

3/ Amante

capture-decran-2016-09-26-a-13-55-11Located on the eastern coast of the island, a 15-minute drive away from Eivissa’s city center, this beach club has the view, the (sea)food, early morning yoga classes, and great coffee. The restaurant -and sunbeds- overlook the Sol den Serra Bay. We particularly enjoyed the linguine, octopus, and the deserts. Try out the avocado mousse with fresh strawberries and pistachio crumble, or the pear and mango tartare!

4/ Atzaro

Atzaro is a high-end hotel and spa that regularly features art exhibits and fashion shows, but also goes by the « agroturismo » label. You can go there for a mocktail or a healthy lunch, and stroll in the gardens where your veggies are guaranteed to be hand-picked! If you decide to treat yourself to a facial, you will be granted access to the running-track-like swimming pool and its L-O-V-E shaped surrounding statues.


5/ Santa Gertrudis

Located twelve kilometers north of Eivissa, Santa Gertrudis has a lot of restaurants and boutiques to offer in a family-friendly atmosphere. In the evening the plaza and its white church are as lively as can be, and an accordion player may find his way to your table. This is where Noisette enjoyed Spanish music and hospitality for the first time. If you have planned an evening off partying, sit down and design your own burgers on the cute order pad at Burgers&Music Boheme, or choose from a selection of tapas at Le Monde, a wine and tapas bar.

I plan on going back next year with my friend Nicola so stay tuned for a postnatal pick of cool places to visit!


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