Swimming & Pregnancy: The Flippers Miracle


I have never been much of a swimmer. My aversion to indoor pools goes back to my happy times on the campus of Georgia Tech, in Atlanta. I vividly remember hating my friend Dave for waking me up at 5.30am in the winter months of 2006 to jump into waters when the weather was making Atlanta too windy to even begin to enjoy it. He was an athlete, trained 5 hours a day, and loved his sport.

I was trying to get into a healthy routine, having recently moved to the peachy state of Georgia. But wasting half an hour trying to dry my then dramatically-long and curly hair at 7am, along with my ears popping for the rest of the day, made me favor some extra sleep over my friend’s good intentions.

Most of you wonder why, being such a reluctant swimmer, I always mention swimming as a wonderful way of staying fit throughout pregnancy.

During my first trimester, I remained active, courtesy of my job. But I also felt like I had to be cautious and pace myself. June and July were busy at the studio with ramadan timings and the heat making it impossible to exercise outdoors. I was teaching heavy hours.

I believe that if you are going to exercise through these first three months you need to make sure that you are doing what you feel is right. For you, for your body, for your baby’s development.

So I decided to overcome my ATL fears and give the pool another try. Since breaststroke alone felt a little too low-impact for a satisfying workout, I dug the flippers out of my wardrobe and jumped into the pool. They made the DIFFERENCE!

I started feeling so empowered, more accepting of the changes that were going on in my body. From the beautiful land of Corsica, in Marina di Fiori, I posted what felt like the perfect routine.


Why you should also give flippers a try!

1/ They will add definition to your sexy mom-to-be legs – Flippers allow you to use water as resistance. nd though each kick makes your quadriceps work harder, your hip flexors are lengthened through the flutter. No bulky results, and freer hips! This is my Red Carpet Legs class water counterpart!

2/ The flippers also add a cardio feeling to your swim – The extra resistance created by their use will make your heart pump faster. This is particularly encouraging for those of us used to sweating it out at the gym and in need of a harder workout.
3/ It is convenient and cost-free – Dubai makes it easy all year around. You can swim in your building pool before hitting the office, whilst your friends are enjoying their alcoholic brunch on a beautiful Friday in a beach club, or by the beach as you catch up with your partner after a long week.

4/ It is low impact – The added weight you are carrying around and the pressure it adds on your spine are most likely to make high-impact activities really uncomfortable after a while. You might experience sciatica, cramps, or even contraction-like abdominal pain. Water could therefore ease your way into exercise on any day.

5/ A sense of empowerment – If you are considering natural birth, and water birth in particular, getting used to moving freely in water, and enjoying the sense of freedom and peace you may experience doing so will certainly make it more likely for you to stick to your original delivery plan.

If you have any questions on where to get these buddies, feel free to leave a comment!

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